Full Name

Rachel Lara

Birth Date

August, 20, 1986

Currently Resides

Los Angeles, CA Banner: The 411 on Rachel Lara


Gaming (mainly PC and PS3), Literature, Writing, Hanging with Friends, Deep Intellectual Conversations, Travel, Art (mainly sketching), Photography, Colors, Shiny Objects, Ball of Tin Foil, Music, Sport Bikes, Physics, Metaphysics, Technologiezz, Gadgets & Gizmos, Clicks & Keystrokes, PC Building, Natural Disasters, Creature Comforts, Movies, Television…. let’s be honest. I came for da beer and da bitches.

Favorite Quotes

“Much madness is divinest sense to a discerning eye…” “Measuring success by others’ words creates anxiety. What you desire and what you fear are within yourself.”

An Actress, Host, Public Relations, Content Director, and Professional Pro….. I am all these things but above all else….

I am a gamer

From the time I could hold a controller, gaming became my #1 obession. This was largely influenced by my big brother, Adam, whose love for this industry and willingness to introduce me into this fantastical world, inspired me to make gaming more than just a hobby…it inspired me to pursue a career in it.
Love for hosting and acting follows close behind and I have been extremely fortunate to be able to make a career out of the three things I am most passionate about.

A “Disclaimer” About Myself:

I dissect unleashed thought that has been served to me in a matter-of-fact manner. Spiritual and free, I do not agree with the popular anthropomorphic personalization of god though I do believe in God. Direct with clear intention, I aim straight to the point but am also amiable.

I will always listen to an ideology placed humbly on the table, for I truly enjoy and encourage developed thoughts from those willing to share their experience and knowledge.

My loyalty is not an aspect of my character in need of an explanation or defense, though it is an aspect of my character that greatly defines who I am. To put it plainly…

Food for Thought…

A question easily posed;

Do we really know who we are, or do we change by the moment? Does one stop to think, to experience…to live? I, myself, genuinely appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and the mysteries that lay hidden throughout this world.



Killer Holiday (Pre-Production) as Cammi The Wayshower: Lord of the Realms (2011)


IGN Freelance Journalist
2010 Tokyo Game Show Curse.com Public Relations
2010 China Joy GirlGamer.com Host (20 episodes)